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Washi Tape Storage DIY Ideas: 15 Easy Ways to Organize

If you’re a bullet journal enthusiast…or a mixed media artist…you know both the joys and struggles of using washi tape.

With thousands of sizes, colors, and patterns to choose from, it’s nearly impossible to buy just a roll or two, or heck…just a set or two. (Ask us how we know.)

But storing all of those dainty little rolls of washi tape, let alone displaying them beautifully?! It can feel equally impossible.

Lucky for you, we’ve got washi tape storage DIY ideas for daaaaays! Let us help you find your new favorite way to store rolls of tape!

Essential Washi Tape Storage Supplies

Getting your washi collection organized can be so much fun and crazy satisfying. Organizing your rolls of washi tape offers a great way to both find your washi tapes easily and keep your workspace tidy.

Assessing Your Washi Tape Collection

The best thing to do first is to take inventory of your collection. You’ll need to know the size and number of your washi tape rolls to select the best storage solution.

Consider the width, diameter, and how many rolls you have. This will determine the size and type of organizers, boxes, or racks you’ll need.

Choosing the Right Materials

For durable storage options, look for materials like acrylic, wood, or cardboard. These can be easily customized with dividers to create snug compartments for your tapes.

Acrylic organizers are clear, which allows for easy visibility of your tapes. Wooden options offer a popular favorite way to combine sturdiness with a rustic charm.

Meanwhile, cardboard tubes, like those from gift wrap, could offer a great way to keep your DIY efforts cost-effective.

Where to Find Supplies

Your local craft store is a great place to start for washi tape storage ideas.

A craft store such as Hobby Lobby often has a variety of storage solutions. But don’t overlook your local thrift store, as it can offer a fun way to score unique storage finds.

Online retailers provide a great way of finding a plethora of customizable washi tape storage options that can cater to the specific needs of your craft room.

Step-by-Step DIY Washi Tape Holder DIY

Creating a dedicated spot for your washi tape collection not only keeps your craft room tidy but also turns your colorful rolls of tape into part of the decor. Here’s how you can craft your very own washi tape dispenser or DIY washi tape holder, and washi tape storage ideas with everyday materials and just a bit of time.

Building a Washi Tape Dispenser

To build a washi tape dispenser that is as functional as it is stylish, you’ll start by gathering a dowel rod and a base that can be a heavy cardstock or a wooden plank. These can be found at your local hardware or craft store.

Ensure the dowel rod is long enough to hold multiple rolls of washi tape and has a diameter suitable for the inner core of the tape.

  1. Cut the dowel rod to the desired length, typically around 12 inches.
  2. Next, drill a hole in the center of your base for the dowel rod to fit snugly.
  3. After that, secure the dowel rod into the base with glue for stability.

The best thing you can do to easily increase the utility of your washi tape dispenser is to attach a serrated edge to the side of your dispenser base for easy tape cutting.

Creating a DIY Washi Tape Storage Box

A washi tape storage box not only keeps your rolls of tape organized but also prevents them from collecting dust. You can create a box from scratch or repurpose an existing box to fit your needs.

  • Choose a box, preferably shallow, to easily view your washi collection.
  • Paint or decorate the box as a fun way to match your personal style and preferences.
  • Add dividers to separate and organize different tape designs.

Remember, your washi tape storage box should be sturdy and may benefit from reinforcement if it will hold a significant number of wash tape rolls.

Crafting with Dowel Rods

Use dowel rods to create a simple and portable DIY washi tape holder that resembles a miniature version of a paper towel holder.

  • Cut two short pieces of dowel rod to serve as the sides and one longer piece for the horizontal dowel rod.
  • Then, drill holes into the sides where the ends of the horizontal dowel rod will fit.
  • After that, assemble the pieces together, ensuring the distance between the sides allows for your washi tape to spin freely.
  • Finally, sand all parts for a smooth finish before assembly.

Organization and Accessibility

Organizing your washi tape collection enhances both the aesthetic appeal and the ease of use. By sorting your rolls by color and pattern, implementing a labeling system, and exploring creative display options, you can quickly find the perfect tape for your project.

Sorting by Color and Pattern

Begin by arranging your rolls of washi tape according to different colours and patterns. This storage method offers a great way to not only make your collection of washi tape visually striking but also simplify the task of picking the right tape.

You might want to use clear drawers or compartments where you can group tapes by hues and designs, adding a touch of color-coordinated sophistication to your craft room.

Implementing a Labeling System

Our favorite way to maintain an organized washi tape collection is to utilize a labeling system.

You can label each tape’s body piece with specifics, categorizing tapes by brand, collection, theme, or any other system that suits your crafting needs. This is one of the most practical washi tape storage ideas you can utilize, and one you’ll keep thanking yourself for every time you reach for your washi collection.

Creative Display Options

Use your washi tape storage as part of your decor by choosing creative display options. There are so many great ideas for accomplishing this!

Hang rolls of washi tape on a tape rod for easy access and a splashy display. You can also mount them on the wall on picture ledges. 

These displays not only keep your tapes at arm’s reach but can also double as an artistic installation in your creative workspace.

Washi Tape Storage DIY Ideas: 15 Easy Ways to Organize

No matter which washi tape storage DIY idea you land on, we’re positive you’re going to love the organizational and artistic addition to your craft room. Happy taping!

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