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Online Journal | We DARE You Not to Start One!

Are you considering starting an online journal? Many purists will tell you that pen-and-paper journals are the only way to go but, friend? You’re living in a new day and age!

Online journals have so much to offer and are getting better every day. Let’s chat about them!

Online Journal | We DARE You Not to Start One!

Online Journal Platforms

In this digital age, maintaining a record of your thoughts and experiences has never been easier. Online journal platforms are designed to make journaling more accessible and enjoyable. In this section, we will discuss some popular options, including Penzu, Day One, Grid Diary, and Daylio.


Penzu is a versatile online journal platform that offers various journaling tools catering to your specific needs. Keep track of your daily emotions, important milestones, or even your dreams.

Penzu simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on preserving your ideas and memories. With its user-friendly interface and numerous features, Penzu will make journaling a pleasure.

Day One

Day One is another popular journal app that offers the convenience of syncing your entries across multiple devices.

Whether you’re typing out your thoughts or capturing memorable moments with photos, Day One provides a polished and private journaling experience. The app’s clean design and passcode protection make it a reliable choice for preserving your memories.

Grid Diary

Grid Diary introduces a unique approach to journaling by using a grid format – a series of prompted questions to guide your daily entries. This structure helps you focus on specific aspects of your life, making the journaling process more organized and efficient.

With the ability to customize prompts and a visually appealing design, Grid Diary can help you turn journaling into a habit you’ll cherish.


For those who crave a more visual and interactive journaling experience, Daylio is the perfect choice.

This app incorporates a daily mood tracker and customizable icons to create a colorful, personalized journal. It’s an effective way to monitor your emotions and activities over time, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your well-being.

By using any of these online journal platforms, you’ll discover an enjoyable way to record your thoughts, experiences, and emotions. Choose the one that fits your preferences, and start your journaling journey today.

The benefits of maintaining a journal are numerous, and these user-friendly tools will make it easier than ever to reap those rewards.

Online Journal | We DARE You Not to Start One!

Accessibility and Compatibility


When browsing online journals on your iPhone, you can expect a seamless experience. Most publishers optimize their websites for mobile devices, ensuring smooth navigation and readability.

Two-finger zooming helps you read small text comfortably. If needed, turn on accessibility features offered by iOS, like VoiceOver or Speak Screen, to enhance your user experience.


Your iPad offers a larger format similar to print, but with digital accessibility advantages.

Many online journals provide excellent compatibility with iPad. Don’t hesitate to utilize built-in accessibility tools to assist you while exploring your favorite journals.


On your Android device, online journals consistently provide a pleasant user experience.

Most websites are optimized for mobile, with responsive design and accessible features for visually impaired users such as adjustable font sizes. Utilize Android’s accessibility tools like TalkBack or Select to Speak to fully benefit from this compatibility.


Tablets, both Android and iOS, provide an optimal reading environment for online journals.

Thanks to responsive website design and larger, high-resolution displays, journal content translates well to tablet formats. Moreover, built-in accessibility features on these devices aid users with visual or auditory impairments.


Using your computer’s web browser, you can easily access and navigate online journals. Most journal websites offer compatibility with a variety of browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Ensure that you have an up-to-date browser version for the best experience. Don’t forget to adjust website text and zoom as needed for comfortable reading.

Windows PC

Your Windows PC performs excellently when accessing online journals.

While browsing, employ various accessibility settings, such as magnifying text or using screen readers like Windows Narrator. By customizing these settings, you can maintain effortless access to journal content.


On your Mac, online journals function smoothly using Safari or your preferred browser.

Access and read journal content comfortably, taking advantage of built-in accessibility features like VoiceOver, Zoom, or Speak screen. You can also use third-party screen readers like NVDA for a more personalized experience.


Linux users can efficiently access and navigate online journals using popular browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

Its accessibility tools such as Orca enhance the user experience, and customizable display settings ensure content is easy to read. By configuring these settings to suit your needs, you can achieve the best online journal experience.

Customization and Features

Multiple Journals

With a variety of online journal apps, you can create and manage multiple journals for different purposes. This allows you to separate and organize your thoughts, ideas, or experiences by themes or categories.

For example, you can have one for your personal life, another for work-related notes, and a third for your travel adventures.

Dream Journal

Dream journals are an excellent tool to help you remember and understand the significance of your dreams.

To enhance your dream journaling experience, many apps offer features like tagging, attaching images, or audio clips. This way, you can quickly revisit your dreams and analyze the patterns or symbols within them.

Journal Prompts

Journal prompts can act as a great starting point for your writing, especially if you’re unsure what to write about.

Several journal apps come with built-in prompts or the ability to customize your own. These prompts can inspire creativity and help you dive deeper into self-reflection or personal growth.


When it comes to preserving your memories or sharing your insights, the ability to export your entries is essential.

Many apps offer various exporting options, such as saving your entries as PDFs or sharing them via email. This provides flexibility in accessing your journals across multiple platforms or devices.


If you love documenting your travels, maps can be a valuable feature in a journal app.

Maps allow you to visually see the locations you’ve explored and written about. With apps like Day One, you can even tag specific locations to your entries, enabling you to relive your journeys and experiences.


Arts in journaling is all about visual storytelling, personalizing your entries and making your journal more expressive.

Most journal apps provide multiple options to customize your designs using photos, icons, or personalized fonts. You can use templates to bring the artistic side of you to your journals or create one from scratch.

Online Journal | We DARE You Not to Start One!

Capturing Creativity and Inspiration

When it comes to journaling, capturing your creativity and inspiration is essential to making the most of your experience. This section will guide you through using images, media, and templates to enhance your online journal, making it a vibrant and expressive space.


A picture is worth a thousand words, so incorporating images into your journal can significantly enrich your entries. You can:

  • Snap photos of your daily life or interesting scenes you encounter and add them to your journal
  • Curate a collection of inspiring images from various sources to spark your creativity
  • Create original drawings or art to visually represent your ideas

Using images in your journal can help you express complex emotions, enhance the visual appeal of your entries, and improve your overall mental health.


Incorporating different types of media into your journal can make your entries more engaging and interactive. You can:

  • Add video clips to document memories or events effectively
  • Include audio recordings, like voice memos or music, to set the mood for your entries
  • Embed external content, such as articles or interesting websites, to provide context or inspiration for your writing

By using diverse media in your journaling, you can create a multi-sensory experience and explore new ways of expressing your creativity and inspiration.


Using templates can be helpful in maintaining consistency and maximizing your journal’s usefulness. Some template ideas you could consider are:

You don’t have to stick to one template. Instead, feel free to mix and match different formats or even create your own tailored to your unique preferences.

By incorporating images, media, and templates into your online journal, you’ll not only make it visually appealing but also foster creativity and inspiration. Your journal will become a valuable tool for personal growth, self-reflection, and self-expression.

Sharing and Publishing

Personalized Journal

Creating a personalized online journal is an excellent way for you to document your thoughts, experiences, and ideas. You can customize the look and feel of your journal to make it truly yours.

Consider adding images or embedding interesting designs to enrich your journal entries. Remember to protect your privacy by using features like password protection, especially when discussing sensitive information. Explore various journal apps to find the one that suits your needs the best.


Once you’ve created your unique journal, you may want to share it with a wider audience by publishing it on an online platform or even turning it into a printed book.

Before you share your work, think about the potential consequences of making your personal journal public. Be mindful of the people mentioned in your journal and consider their feelings and privacy as well.

By personalizing your journal and sharing it with the appropriate audience, you can create a meaningful platform to express yourself and connect with like-minded individuals.

Syncing and Support

Online journaling has come a long way in providing users with efficient syncing and support options to ensure your journal is always up-to-date and easily accessible. In this section, we will discuss Google Drive Syncing, Zapier Integration, and Customer Support.

Google Drive Syncing

Google Drive syncing is a great feature that allows you to keep your journal updated across multiple devices.

By connecting your journal to your Google Drive account, you can automatically upload and store your entries, photos, and other media. This ensures that your journal is always backed up and accessible from your phone, tablet, laptop, and any other device that supports Google Drive.

To set up Google Drive syncing, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your journal app.
  2. Go to settings or app preferences.
  3. Find the Google Drive sync option and enable it.
  4. Connect your Google Drive account and grant the necessary permissions.

Once your journal is synced with Google Drive, any changes you make on one device will be reflected across all your devices.

Zapier Integration

Zapier integration allows you to automate tasks between your journaling app and other apps such as email, calendars, and social media platforms. By setting up “Zap” connections, you can ensure that your journal is updated with information from other sources, making it more dynamic and informative.

Some examples of what you can do with Zapier integration include:

  • Automatically add new calendar events as journal entries
  • Save draft emails as journal entries
  • Share your journal entries on social media platforms

To start using Zapier integration,

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Search for your journal app and connect it to Zapier.
  3. Browse available “Zaps” or create your own custom connections.

Customer Support

Customer support plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless journaling experience. A responsive and knowledgeable support team can quickly resolve any issues you may encounter, answer your questions, and provide guidance on how to make the most of your journal app.

Look for journal apps that offer multiple channels of support, such as email, live chat, or in-app messaging. Additionally, check if the app provides helpful resources such as user guides, tutorial videos, and FAQs to help you navigate the app and troubleshoot common issues.

Remember, your journaling journey should be enjoyable and stress-free. Syncing and support features like Google Drive integration, Zapier automation, and responsive customer support will help ensure that your journal is always up-to-date, accessible, and tailored to your needs.

Security and Privacy

Ensuring the security and privacy of your online journal is crucial to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal thoughts and sensitive information. In this section, you will learn about different security measures you can use to safeguard your journal.

Password Protection

One effective method for keeping your journal secure is password protection. By creating a strong, complex password, you can prevent unauthorized access to your entries.

Remember to:

  • Use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters
  • Ensure your password is at least 12 characters long
  • Avoid using easily guessed words or phrases, such as your name or birthdate
  • Consider utilizing a trusted password manager to generate and store your password securely

Touch ID

Touch ID, a fingerprint-based authentication system found in many smartphones and devices, can add an additional layer of security to your online journal. Enabling Touch ID for your journal app requires that only your unique fingerprint can unlock the journal, ensuring that no one else can access your entries without your permission.

Face ID

Face ID, another biometric authentication method, uses your facial features to verify your identity. If your journal app supports Face ID, you can secure your entries by only allowing access when the device recognizes your face.


Encryption goes a step further by scrambling your journal data, rendering it unreadable to anyone who lacks the proper decryption key. Many secure journal apps, such as Zapier, offer end-to-end encryption to protect your information from potential hackers or unauthorized access.

Online Journal | We DARE You Not to Start One!

No matter which platform or device you use in your journey, you’ll find that an online journal offers an easy way to document your thoughts and experiences in a secure, mixed media setting easily accessed from all of your devices. Enjoy, friend!

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