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Inspiration Junk Journal Page Ideas + 15 Examples

Have you read our post about creating a junk journal? But maybe you’re looking for some more inspiration junk journal page ideas?!

Lucky for you, the world of junk journaling offers endless possibilities for giving sheet music, vintage paper, old greeting cards, ticket stubs, and other different materials a new life. So sit back and relax and prepare to feel inspired by these junk journal ideas!

Crafting Your Junk Journal

Creating a junk journal is a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll need to choose your materials carefully, assemble your pages thoughtfully, and let your imagination guide you to creative page ideas.

Choosing Your Materials

Start by gathering a variety of different materials that you can use.

Look for vintage paper, old book pages, wrapping paper, magazine pages from new or old magazines, and sheet music. Consider looking for pieces with interesting backgrounds, different textures, and a little extra flair, as these items will give character to your journal.

You can also use found objects like paper scraps, die cuts, or ticket stubs in different sizes. Add washi tape in different textures and designs for decoration.

Collect items that inspire you to create and personalize each page.

Assembling the Pages

To assemble your junk journal, begin by cutting the different papers to your desired size.

Fold each piece in half to create individual pages. Group a few pages together to form small booklets, also known as signatures.

Secure your signatures together using a strong thread or staple them along the fold. Finally, bind all the signatures into a cover made from sturdy old papers or even a recycled book cover to create your own handmade book.

Your unique journal will start to take shape as you add these touches.

Creative Page Ideas

When crafting the inside pages, let your creativity shine.

Create pocket pages and tuck spots using scraps of vintage paper or wrapping paper. These can hold small mementos or notes.

Use washi tape to attach photos or postcards.

Decorate your pages with doodles, stamps, or stickers. Layer old book pages or sheet music to add different textures and vintage charm.

You can also include tags and die cuts for added interest. Look for inspiration from other artists and try incorporating those junk journal ideas into your own journals.

Personalizing Your Journal

When personalizing your junk journal, it’s key to focus on adding unique pages and using innovative binding techniques. These aspects help make your own journals distinct and meaningful.

Adding Unique Features

One of the best things about a junk journal is the creative way you can make it your own.

Start with pocket pages to keep special mementos or small keepsakes. These pockets can be made from old envelopes, vintage ephemera, or even sewn directly onto the inside pages.

Consider adding flip-out pages for extra writing space. These interactive elements fold out from the main journal page, giving you more room to jot down thoughts or memories.

Use found objects like buttons, charms, or pressed flowers to add personal touches. Tags and labels can help you organize your thoughts and make it easier to navigate through the journal.

Lastly, collage art using old magazine pages, scrapbook papers, and bits of wrapping paper can give your unique journal a rich, textured look.

Innovative Binding Techniques

Innovative binding techniques can breathe new life into your journal.

For a simple and effective method, you can use a three-hole pamphlet stitch, which only requires a needle and some strong thread. This technique is great for beginners and provides a sturdy way to keep your journal together.

Belly bands can serve as a unique binding option, allowing you to slide pages or decorative elements in and out easily.

Another creative way is to use ribbon or lace binding. Punch holes along the spine and thread the ribbon through, tying it off with a decorative bow.

For those looking for a more polished look, consider hidden hinge binding. This method uses small hinges attached to each page, then covered with tape or fabric for a seamless finish.

Inspiration for Your Next Creation

Finding creative ideas for your own journals can sometimes feel challenging. Using social media platforms like Pinterest and TikTok, you can discover a wealth of junk journal ideas to fuel your creativity and get you started on your next project.

Using Social Media for Ideas

Both Pinterest and TikTok are fantastic platforms to explore for junk journal ideas and inspiration. Search for hashtags like #junkjournal or #artjournaling to find videos full of tips and tutorials. 

You’ll see how others use different papers, like old greeting cards, sheet music, and magazine pages, to create unique themes and layouts.

You can also follow popular junk journal creators. They often share innovative techniques, such as creating tuck spots or utilizing color schemes. 

Additionally, TikTok users frequently post quick DIY videos showing step-by-step processes, making it easy for you to learn and adapt new ideas.

By utilizing social media, you’ll have access to a vibrant community of creative individuals who can help spark new ideas for your junk journal projects. 

Whether you’re looking for new ways to bind your journal or ideas for inside pages, social media can offer endless possibilities to take your junk journal to the next level.

Inspiration Junk Journal Page Ideas + 15 Examples

So…which inspiration junk journal page ideas will you try first? We can’t wait to see you let your imagination run wild.

Happy journaling, friend!

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