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Clever Fox Self Care Journal Review | Hello, Wellness!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m terrible about making regular time for self care.

I’m that person who kills herself to ensure everyone else’s needs are met, pushing her own needs to the bottom of the list year after year. But when that approach to life started to affect my health recently, I knew I needed to be more purposeful about caring for my own physical and mental wellness.

Enter: the Clever Fox Self Care Journal! I’ve used it for over a month now and can honestly say I’ve experienced a night-and-day difference in my mental and emotional health thanks to this self care planner.

Here’s a breakdown of my own experience with the Clever Fox Self Care Journal to help you decide if it might be a good fit for you!

Clever Fox Self Care Journal Review: Hello, Wellness!

Overview of the Clever Fox Self Care Journal

The Clever Fox Self-Care Journal offers an invaluable aid for those looking for regular moments of introspection.

The self care planner starts by helping you both assess your current self-care status and establish a personalized plan for improvement. This includes determining what fills you with joy, what drains you, your current life balance, your self-care bucket list, and self-care acts you want to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

Clever Fox Self Care Journal Review: Hello, Wellness!

Three monthly self-care spreads offer a calendar as well as places for setting your four most important goals for the month and identifying self-care activities you’ll do to feel happy. It also offers review questions to help you reflect on lessons learned that month and identify any “life areas” that were lacking to help you achieve a more balanced life.

The daily spread is where the magic happens! The morning page helps you to set a clear plan for the day, including a main daily goal, self-care act for the day, a gratitude reflection, and power daily affirmation, then offers a space to manage the day’s schedule and to-do-list.

Daily wellness trackers offer an invaluable aid to monitor your sleep, screen time, vitamins, and water, caffeine, and fruit/veggie intake, as well as your mood, energy, and activity levels. This daily wellness data helped me better understand how getting enough rest and fueling my body with healthy foods and water was affecting my stress levels.

And four open-ended questions (two are standard, two are different every day) on the separate evening reflection page help you reflect on your day as well as yourself as a person.

Clever Fox Self Care Journal Review: Hello, Wellness!

As if the daily spread wasn’t enough, this self care notebook also offers weekly reflection spreads, including a habit tracker, weekly review questions, and a more extensive journaling exercise to dig a little deeper. It would be difficult not to know yourself ten times better by the end of using this 90-day personal development journal.

Overall, this self care planner offers a thoughtful tool in fostering self-awareness, positivity, and a habit of regular self-care. It’s essentially a mental health journal, mood journal, daily goal and to-do list planner, meditation journal, and daily wellness data tracker, all in one.

The premium materials used in its soft-touch vegan leather hardcover and thick 120 GSM paper give it a luxurious feel and the durability to withstand everyday use. The three bookmarks are handy for quickly navigating between sections, the sheets of colorful stickers provide add a fun, personal touch, and the elastic closure and pen loop offer high-end finishing touches.

Overall, this self reflection journal would make an excellent self-care gift for yourself or for a friend or family member who could use a little help making themselves a priority.

Some might find the 90-day format of this self care notebook to be a deterrent. (Why not make it a year-long self care journey, am I right?)

While I initially felt the same, I quickly discovered that it doesn’t take an entire year to establish a habit of regular self-care. I enjoyed the daily reflection journal aspect of this self care planner, but can see how it might be too demanding a routine to keep up for an entire year, as well as an unnecessary routine once you’ve established everyday routines for self care.

Additionally, while I found the A5 size to be perfect, those with larger handwriting or who prefer more space to express their thoughts might find this personal development journal a bit snug.

Overall, the Clever Fox Self-Care Journal strikes the perfect balance between structure and freedom, providing a framework for self-care without feeling too restrictive. It would be an excellent self-care gift for yourself or a loved one.

Key Features

Focus on Self-Care with 90 Days of Wellness Trackers

With 90 days of guided wellness trackers, the Clever Fox Self Care Journal is designed as a companion for a three-month self-care journey. The guided pages invite you to reflect on your well-being, and the open-ended questions help to identify areas in your life where you can foster more self-care.

Support a Positive Outlook on Life with Daily Journaling

The daily spread is split into morning and evening reflections.

On the morning page, you can jot down gratitude points and a powerful daily affirmation to kick-start your day with a positive mindset. And each night, four open-ended questions on the separate evening reflection page prompt deeper reflection on the day’s events, cultivating self-awareness and fostering a positive mindset and outlook on life.

I was honestly blown away by how effective these simple acts of journaling were in shifting my perspective and contributing to my mental well-being.

Build a Happier & Healthier Mindset for Years to Come

We all know that consistency is key. The Clever Fox Self-Care Journal keeps this in mind as it doesn’t simply focus on immediate relief, but on helping you establish a long-term habit of regular self-care and improved mental health.

The prompts and activities in this mental health journal encourage introspection and personal growth, each page providing a step toward a more sustainable, happier, and healthier mindset. It was refreshing to find a personal development journal that offered such thoughtful guidance for my mental health journey.

Clever Fox Self Care Journal Review: Hello, Wellness!

A5 Size, Stickers & Other Features

And finally, we have to talk about the physical aspects of the journal.

Its A5 size (5.8″ x 8.3″) is perfect for carrying around or keeping on a bedside table. The journal’s soft-touch vegan leather hardcover feels luxurious in hand, and the thick 120 GSM paper is a dream to write on—no fear of ink bleeding through these pages.

The three bookmarks, elastic closure, and pen loop boost its functionality. And the sheets of colorful stickers? They’re not only an adorable addition but also useful for customization and adding a visual element to tracking your progress.

The team at Clever Fox clearly designed the Clever Fox Self Care Journal with lots of thought and care, from its user-friendly size to the quality of materials. It offers a tactile experience that complements its mental health benefits, making daily journaling a pleasure.

Clever Fox Self Care Journal Review: Hello, Wellness!

Unique Self-Care Aspects

In my personal pursuit of wellness, I’ve found that the Clever Fox Self-Care Journal genuinely stands out.

It’s been an essential part of my daily routine with its thoughtful open-ended questions and self-awareness exercises. And unlike other journals, the variety and unique questions it offers in its pages keeps my mindfulness practice fresh and engaging.

I especially appreciate the dual time frame of reflection—morning and evening—that anchors my days with positivity and introspection. The customizable affirmation and gratitude statements in this mental health journal help me stay attuned to the good in my life, and I’ve noticed a significant shift in my mindset.

Unlike other wellness trackers, this self care notebook also offers efficient ways of managing your daily schedule and to-do list, eliminating the need to carry an additional daily planner. This fusion helped me to approach even mundane daily tasks with a healthier mindset.

Plus, the quality of the journal’s premium materials is above and beyond any other self care planner I’ve found.

The soft-touch vegan leather cover feels luxurious, and the thick 120 GSM paper allows me to use my favorite pens without bleed-through. The added sheets of colorful stickers are a definite bonus, enabling me to add a personalized touch to my entries.

Overall, the Clever Fox Self Care Journal is a dependable companion for anyone looking to enhance their mental health routine without feeling overwhelmed by redundancy or lack of structure.

It’s a truly unique tool in my self-care arsenal, one that helps me balance my busy life with reflective and nurturing practices. I hope it does the same for you!

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