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Bullet Journal Flowers: Easy, Beautiful Floral Ideas

Ready to draw some bullet journal flowers, but looking for a little inspiration? Whether you’re in the mood for flower doodles, floral designs, simple floral doodles, modern florals, or step by step tutorials on how to draw different flowers, we’ve got your back when it comes to bullet journaling beautiful flowers!

Flower Drawing Techniques

When embarking on the journey of bullet journaling, you’ll find that beautiful flowers are almost always a great addition. They range from simple floral doodles to intricate botanical line drawings.

Mastering their form in a variety of colors and different sizes can add elegance and creativity to your bullet journal pages. Experiment with different writing utensils too, including gel pens, brush pens, good fineliners, and more, to find your favorite!

Learning to Draw Simple Flowers

Simple flowers are the perfect starting point for your flower drawing journey. They’re forgiving, enjoyable, come in lots of different sizes, and you can start with basic shapes like circles and ovals!

For example, drawing generic simple floral doodles involves sketching a circle for the center and adding petals around it. There are countless different ways you can vary the center of the flower, outer shape of flowers, direction of the petal, and more, so try them all!

Don’t worry about perfection; your unique style will make your journal personal and special.

Exploring Botanical Line Drawings

Once comfortable with simple flowers, explore the finesse of botanical line drawings. Artists like Peggy Dean specialize in this style, allowing you to create elegant outlines of flowers.

A focus on the flow and curvature of lines will bring a natural and sophisticated touch to your bullet journal floral drawings.

Step By Step Tutorials For Drawing Different Flowers

For those who aim to refine their skills, step by step tutorials offer more detailed guidance. They break down complex flowers into manageable steps and can be found on lots of amazing accounts, including Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media sites, from plenty of amazing creators!

Influential artists like Alli Koch provide insightful ways to tackle more involved designs for lots of different flowers. You can find tutorials for flowers of different sizes to suit any page layout or project.

Creating Your Floral Layouts

Embrace the beauty of nature in your bullet journal by incorporating flower doodles, setting up an enchanting monthly log, and enhancing your bullet journal pages with striking floral designs. These artistic elements not only elevate the appearance of your bujo but also make the planning process a joyous and serene activity.

Incorporating Flower Doodles

To start adding charm to your bullet journal, flower doodles are a must. Begin with simple floral doodles, like daisies or tiny blossoms, for a touch of elegance without overwhelming your bullet journal pages.

If flowers are new to your artistic repertoire, consider tutorials for drawing beautiful flowers that can guide you step by step. Remember, the only way to get better at anything is by practicing!

As you gain confidence, you can expand to include different flowers, each with its own unique appeal.

Setting Up Your Monthly Log

Your monthly log serves as the core of your planning, and it’s the perfect place to infuse floral drawings.

Sketch a header over your monthly log using a variety of colors to mimic a garden in bloom, and scatter small flower doodles around the days of the month. This injects life into your bullet journal spreads and can be themed with the seasons for an ever-changing display of flora.

Enhancing with Floral Designs

Floral designs that act as borders, corner decorations, or full-page illustrations offer an easy way to elevate the rest of your bullet journal spreads.

Opt for cohesive motifs throughout, such as roses for romance or sunflowers for summer vibes. Play with a variety of colors to reflect the mood or time of year.

Remember, the more you practice, the more intricate and beautiful flowers will emerge from your pen, transforming your bullet journal into a blooming masterpiece.

Accessorizing Your Bujo with Flowers

Enhancing your bullet journal spreads with floral decorations can immediately brighten your bullet journal pages and reflect your personal style. But drawing them by hand isn’t the only way to incorporate floral drawings or modern florals into your bullet journaling!

Stickers and washi tapes offer an easy way to add beauty without the extra expense or time spent drawing.

Using a Sticker Sheet and Washi Tapes

Sticker Sheet: Opt for a flower-themed sticker sheet of modern florals as a great addition to your bullet journal. A well-placed sticker sheet can transform simple bullet journal spreads into something special with minimal effort.

Washi Tapes: A selection of floral washi tapes can also add a cohesive look. Washi tapes are perfect for borders, dividing sections, or highlighting a habit tracker.

Finding Inspiration and Resources

For inspiration, following amazing accounts like Masha Plans can provide valuable ideas on incorporating floral designs into your bujo.

While one easy way to learn more is to find and purchase flower drawing books online, remember that purchasing a book isn’t the only way to hone your craft.

The internet is jam-packed with free resources! The best thing to do is to search that resources vault, and then search it some more.

You can find lots of free printables and step by step tutorials on creating your own modern florals and different ways to draw your favorite flowers, from a wide variety of amazing accounts. This way, you can personalize your journal even further without incurring any extra expense.

Bullet Journal Flowers: Easy, Beautiful Floral Ideas

So…which bullet journal flowers will you draw first? We can’t wait to hear all about your beautiful flowers!

Happy journaling!

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