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Best Pens for Bible Journaling: Vibrant & No Bleed!

Did you get revved up with us about Bible journaling a few weeks ago? Most people do!…and then immediately realize that if you’re not using a traditional journaling Bible, thin Bible pages pose quite a challenge to your regular, favorite pens.

So what are the best pens for Bible journaling? Let’s talk about it!

Choosing the Best Bible Journaling Pens

Your local craft store or favorite online store are both sure to offer a lot of pens for Bible journaling, but choosing the right pen for your journaling Bible is crucial.

The delicate pages require tools that won’t cause damage or bleed through. The best pens can enhance your Bible study experience by providing long-lasting, vibrant colors while preserving the integrity of the thin Bible pages.

Understanding the Bible Paper Quality

Most Bibles contain notably fragile, thin pages. This delicate paper can be easily compromised by pens with heavy ink flow or sharp tips, leading to bleed-through or tearing.

Best Type of Pens for Bible Journaling

When selecting the best pens for your Bible journaling, consider the following types of pens:

  • Gel Pens: Gel pens come in lots of different colors, offer a smooth writing experience, and are less likely to bleed through than some other types of pens. However, allow for drying time to avoid smudging!
  • Fine Tip Pens: Fine tip pens, often favored for their precision, are excellent for detailed writing and intricate illustrations. This kind of pen is less likely to cause bleed-through, compared to different tip sizes, due to its controlled ink flow.

Here’s a brief list of recommended pens for Bible journaling, with a more detailed breakdown in the next section:

Types of PensDescription
Mr. Pen Bible PensThe easiest answer is to purchase pens specifically designed for Bible journaling!
Sakura Micron PensRenowned for their quality, these pens are waterproof and come in both black ink and a variety of colors.
Tombow TwinToneThese dual-tip pens offer both fine and broad tips for different writing needs.
Tombow Fudenosuke Brush PensThese pens are ideal for brush lettering, with options for a soft or hard tip.

Expert Tips for Selecting Pens

  • One great way to avoid bleeding and smearing in your favorite Bible is to test pens on a similar paper before using them in your Bible to ensure they do not bleed through or tear the page.
  • Consider investing in pens specifically designed for Bible journaling. This kind of pen is purposely crafted to complement the unique quality of thin Bible pages.
  • Your favorite pens for Bible journaling should balance fine point precision with gentle ink application to maintain the integrity of thin pages.
Best Pens for Bible Journaling: Vibrant & No Bleed!

Top Recommended Pens for Bible Journaling

When you’re looking to elevate your Bible study, the kind of pen you choose can make all the difference on every blank page. Your artwork and notes will not only appear more vibrant but will last longer with the best Bible journaling pens.

Here are some of the best pens to help enhance your Bible study!

Mr. Pen Bible Pens

For those new to Bible journaling, one great way to get started is to buy a pack of pens specifically designed for thin Bible pages!

Mr. Pen Bible Pens offer fine tip writing with a smooth ink flow for skip-free lines. They come in a wide array of different colors to add more options for both color coding and doodling, and reviewers have noted this kind of pen lasts a long time.

Pigma Micron Pens

Pigma Micron Pens are an absolute favorite in the Bible journaling community. You’ll find that their fine point tips are perfect for detailed work and text, and the archival ink ensures that your creations won’t fade over time.

With pigma micron pens, you won’t have to worry about bleeding through the delicate pages of your favorite Bible.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

For added versatility, Tombow Dual Brush Pens are an excellent choice.

These favorite pens provide a dual tip design: one for thinner lines and a brush tip for broad strokes. Towbow dual brush pens are ideal for colorful, expressive lettering and they come in various vibrant colors, allowing you to add depth to your Bible pages without the fear of smudging or bleeding.

Gel Pens and Their Advantages

Gel pens can be a fun addition to your pen collection!

They glide smoothly over the page, offering bold, crisp colors that stand out. Gel pens also tend to come in a wide variety of colors, including glitter and metallic options, giving your journal pages an extra pop.

Just make sure to allow a little extra drying time to avoid smearing your best Bible art.

Creative Techniques for Bible Journaling

Exploring creative techniques in Bible journaling is a great way to express your faith vividly on the pages of your favorite Bible. Your Bible becomes a canvas where you can use colors, designs, hand lettering, and embellishments to reflect your personal journey with Scripture.

Incorporating Colors and Designs

Colors: Brighten up your journaling Bible by introducing different colors to highlight text, emphasize key Bible verses, or create backgrounds. Choose pens like the Sakura micron pens for their wide range of hues, ensuring the ink won’t bleed through your pages.

  • Highlighting: Use lighter colors (Pastels work well!) for highlighting without obscuring the text.
  • Drawing and Doodling: Add small, colorful drawings or patterns around your favorite scriptures.
  • Hand LetteringHand lettering with brush pens is a great way to create beautiful headers or write out Bible verses artistically.

Using Washi Tape and Bible Tabs

Washi Tape: Decorative washi tape, bought online or at a local craft store, can be used in multiple ways within your journaling Bible.

  • Borders: Create borders around a page or a specific verse.
  • Tabs: Use different colors of strips as tabs at the top of pages to easily navigate to passages.

Bible Tabs: Personalize your favorite Bible by creating handmade Bible tabs that stand out and add character to your Bible. They not only serve as a functional way to find books quickly but also as artistic elements that make your Bible unique.

  • Coordinating Tabs with Washi Tape: Match your Bible tabs with your washi tape designs for a cohesive look.
  • Labeling: Write book names or themes on the tabs for quick referencing and to add a layer of organization to your Bible study sessions.

Caring for Your Bible and Pens

In your journey of Bible journaling, properly caring for your favorite pens and other new Bible journaling supplies ensures that they’ll be available for use long term. Here are some specific tips for storage, pen usage, and maintaining your Bible.

Storing Your Journaling Tools

To keep your favorite pens in the best condition, it’s crucial to store different pens properly.

If you have a lot of pens, consider using a pen organizer or roll-up pen case—both easy to find at your local craft store. For pens with two ends, like certain Tombow markers, store them horizontally to keep the ink flow consistent to both tips.

For other types of pens, particularly those with delicate tips such as the Sakura Pigma Microns, storing them vertically with the tip facing down can prevent the ink from drying out, allowing you to use them for a very long time.

Best Practices for Pen Usage

When working with your pens, remember light and deliberate touches prevent bleeding and preserve the quality of the ink, especially black ink commonly used for writing favorite Bible verses.

Test your pens on a separate piece of paper similar to your Bible’s pages to ensure they don’t bleed through or smudge. For highlighted texts or embellishments, ensure the ink is completely dry before closing the Bible or adding more overlaying elements.

Maintaining the Longevity of Your Bible

To protect the delicate, thin pages of your Bible, place a piece of cardstock or thick paper behind the page you are working on. This extra layer provides a solid backing and prevents indentations or damage from vigorous pen use. 

Avoid exposing your Bible to extreme temperatures and moisture. These can cause the pages to warp or the ink to run. 

Treat your Bible and its pages with care during and after each journaling session to enjoy its contents and your personal reflections for a long time.

Best Pens for Bible Journaling: Vibrant & No Bleed!

So…what have you found are the best pens for Bible journaling? Did we miss any that you love? Be sure to share in the comments!

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