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13 Best Meal Planner Notebook & Notepad Options

While it’s certainly possible to practice meal planning without a fancy notebook, we here at You Can Journal are obviously fans of finding the right journal to:

  • Complement and enhance your efforts to plan delicious meals
  • Create a shopping list
  • Strategically place meals on different days of the week
  • Complete meal prep
  • …and improve your overall eating habits!

But…what’s the best meal planner notebook for the job? We’re so glad you asked!

Choosing Your Meal Planner Notebook

Selecting a weekly meal planner notepad involves considering the type of product, its design and layout, and any additional features that may benefit your meal planning routine. 

Product Type and Quality

When choosing a weekly meal planner notepad, start by considering the type of product. Notebooks can be spiral-bound, hardback, or softcover. 

Selecting a premium quality hardcover will mean your notebook holds up through frequent daily use and is a little more protected from kitchen spills. Spiral-bound notebooks allow for easy flipping and lay flat on the counter.

Next, consider the quality of materials.

High-quality paper can handle pen or marker without bleeding through. Opt for premium quality notebooks from reputable brands, ensuring durability over time.

Design and Layout

When deciding on the best meal planner notebook, the layout is crucial.

Look for a 7-day layout that provides a clear view of your entire week’s meals. Some prefer a weekly planning page with sections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like the Tapestry Notebook from Rifle Paper Co..

Design elements like colorful covers and organized tabs can make planning more enjoyable. Dividers for different recipe categories like salads or soups help in easy reference.

Additional Features

Consider the extra features that might enhance your meal planning experience. 

Some notebooks offer free downloads for printable templates. These can include a grocery list and other helpful tools.

Additionally, a pocket for loose papers or sales flyer can be very handy. Look for notebooks with elastic bands to keep everything in place, which is ideal if you want to bring your shopping list along to the grocery store.

13 Best Meal Planner Notebook & Notepad Options

Best Meal Planner Notebooks on Amazon

Looking for the best meal planner notebook on Amazon? There are some great options to help you stay organized and track your meals.

Weekly Meal Planner Notepad Options

Using a weekly meal planner notepad for meal planning is generally easier than using a notebook for several reasons:

  1. Tear-off Market List & Pages: Many meal planning notepads come with tear-off pages, which make it simple to remove and take your shopping list to the grocery store.
  2. Magnetic Backing: Some notepads, like the What to Eat Pad with Magnet, have a magnetic backing that allows you to attach them to your fridge. This keeps your meal plan visible and easily accessible in the kitchen.
  3. Convenience: Notepads are usually smaller and more portable than notebooks, making them easier to handle and store. They can be quickly grabbed and used without the need to flip through pages.

These features collectively contribute to the ease and efficiency of using a weekly meal planner notepad for meal planning over a meal planning notebook. The top weekly meal planner notepad options on Amazon include:

Meal Planner Notebook Options

But maybe you’re like us…you just can’t resist using a journal for every occassion…meal planning included. If so, there are a load of fantastic options available:

AmazonBasics Legal Pad

For those who prefer a simpler approach, the AmazonBasics Legal Pad is a great option. 

Many people use this old-school method for meal planning. You can use a ruler to create your own 7-day layout with boxes for dinner plans and a large rectangle for your shopping list.

13 Best Meal Planner Notebook & Notepad Options

Integrating Meal Planning Into Your Lifestyle

Creating meal plans and adequately organizing shopping and meal prep tasks can help you stay on track and adapt to any schedule changes.

Creating Effective Meal Plans

Start by writing down your main menu for the week. 

Think about what dishes you and your family enjoy. Be sure to include a variety of foods to cover all essential nutrients.

Next, list out your meals for all days of the week. Consider breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks.

This helps you not only plan your meals but also better manage your eating habits.

Use one of the weekly meal planner notepad or notebook options above to put your meal plans together. This visual aid will make it easier to keep track of what you’re planning to eat.

Shopping and Preparation

Once you have your meal plan, create a shopping list. 

Write down all the ingredients you’ll need for the meals listed. This includes everything from main ingredients to smaller items like spices and herbs. 

Organizing your grocery list by store section can save you time while shopping.

If possible, start your meal prep as soon as you get home. (You’ve gotta take advantage of that motivation while you have it!) 

Wash and chop veggies, marinate meat, and portion out snacks in advance. This makes cooking faster and easier during the week. 

You can also cook large batches of foods like rice, pasta, and other whole grains to use later.

Adapting to Changing Schedules

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes meal plans need to change. 

If you have a last minute change in plans, use the ingredients you have to make simpler, flexible meals. For instance, if you planned to bake chicken and veggies but need something faster, make a stir-fry.

Always have a few quick and easy recipes on hand for these situations. Keeping a list of favorite meals that are easy to cook handy can help you to adapt with less stress.

Prioritizing flexibility ensures you can maintain healthy eating habits despite changes in your schedule. 

13 Best Meal Planner Notebook & Notepad Options

So…which of the best meal planner notebook options will you try? We can’t wait to hear all about it…and about the new and improved, healthier you!

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